Best shoes for extra wide feet in Australia

extra wide shoes for bandaged feet

Shoes are a necessity for most of us. They help keep our feet protected and comfortable, but many don’t consider that not all feet are created equal. If your shoe size is more than a standard size 9 (or equivalent), you may be an extra comprehensive footed person. It can make finding shoes for extra wide feet in Australia quite tricky if you haven’t found the right brand yet!

Buying tips for wide feet

  • Buy shoes with a wide fit.
  • Buy shoes with extra room in the toe area.
  • Buy shoes that are slightly longer than your foot.
  • Buy shoes that are wider than your standard size and width.

Extra wide ladies’ shoes

If you’re looking for extra wide ladies shoes, we have a few recommendations. Extra wide fit trainers are perfect for those who need room around their toes, as well as a wider shoe overall. Men and women with swollen feet may find that extra support that they require from their footwear, so it’s essential to look at options like extra wide fit ladies walking boots and athletic trainers. We’ve also got some great choices for extra wide shoes for bandaged feet!

If you have wide feet and want to wear shoes with a narrow toe box, then the best option is to go for a shoe that offers extra depth. It will give your toes more room, allowing them to move freely without being cramped. Extra wide fit shoes ladies are a must-have for those with swollen feet. Our range includes extra wide trainers for swollen feet, sandals and boots. If you suffer from bunions or hammer toes, extra wide shoes will provide plenty of space to ensure comfort throughout the day.
extra wide shoes for bandaged feet

Sneakers for wide feet

Sneakers are a good choice for those who want to wear their shoes without socks. They’re also a good choice for those who need something mobile and flexible enough to keep up with their active lifestyles. Sneakers with wide toe boxes offer both of these things, making them the most popular choice for extra wide footed people in Australia.

Wide sandals for women

We’re here to help you find the best wide sandals for women who need extra room in the toe box, heel strap and ankle strap.

  • Look for a wider toe box. The best shoes for extra-wide feet will have ample space around your toes so that they don’t squeeze in—and make you uncomfortable! It can be hard to determine by looking at a pair of sandals. If you can, try on different styles to compare how snugly they fit over your foot, paying attention to where pressure points might occur (like between your big toe and second toe).
  • Look for a wider heel strap. While finding shoes with plenty of room around the toes is essential, so is having enough space around the rest of your foot! That includes the top part where laces or buckles would go: if straps are too tight, they’ll cut off circulation and cause discomfort over time—which nobody wants!
  • Look for broader ankle straps: You’re probably used to feeling like all fashion trends come straight down from New York City, but Australia has its unique style too! We’ve noticed an increased interest in “athleisure” clothing lately—that’s fancy talk for matching outfits that look casual yet stylish enough not to feel out of place even when paired with work attire (which sometimes happens!). That said. It’s worth noting that many women find themselves stuck between two different worlds when trying out these new fashions because there aren’t many options available that offer both comfort AND style. But thanks to this guide, we’ve got some helpful pointers, so now YOU’LL never have any problems finding clothes that fit perfectly no matter what type they might be (even if those include jeans).

Extra wide walking boots for men

If you have extra wide feet, you will probably find it challenging to find one pair of mens extra wide fit shoes that fit perfectly. The best option is to buy a range of shoes and swap them depending on the event or occasion. The most important feature is that they are made with leather or suede material as these materials mould to your feet over time and become very comfortable. Also, look for boots with a padded ankle collar, as this will help support your ankles when walking long distances.

What to do if the shoe you need is not available in an extra wide fit?

If you’ve tried on every shoe in a particular brand, and none of them fit, it’s time to try something different. You might find that you can get the perfect fit from another brand. If you like one of the shoes but not the style or colour, try purchasing it in another colour or material.

You’ll also want to consider trying a different height heel or heel style as these may provide more room around the ankle area which will help with stability and comfort.

Look no further. We’ve prepared a guide on how to buy shoes with extra wide feet in Australia.

Okay, you have erotically wide feet and want a pair of shoes that fit them. We get it. That’s why we’re here to help! First, let’s look at how to measure the width of your feet (which you’ll need to do before shopping for shoes).

You can use any long ruler or yardstick; just make sure it’s at least as long as the length of your foot from the heel to toe. You should take measurements from just behind where the ball of your foot meets the ground (the widest part) and go straight out toward either side until you reach halfway between your big toe and little toe (the narrowest part). If you don’t have access to this equipment, plenty of smartphone apps will allow you to measure easily—use one!


We hope that our guide has been of some help to you. We know how frustrating it can be, especially when shopping for shoes and finding something that fits appropriately. But don’t worry! As long as you follow our tips and research carefully, we’re sure you’ll find the right pair of shoes for your feet soon enough.


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