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Pure Sine Wave inverter 3000 watt


The GSM-3000 is an advanced 3000watt inverter. It is designed to provide clean mains-quality power from a 12V battery. It has been designed to handle any situation where you need extra power for sensitive electronics such as computers, telecoms equipment and audio visual products. The unit will run most modern IT equipment including PCs/Laptops, monitors and printers as well as televisions and video players. Coupled with our remote monitoring system this makes it perfect for use in situations where there is no mains power available, or where access may be difficult (e.g. boats).

Rated Power: 3000W Max Power: 6000W

3000W continuous power, 6000W peak power (3000W is the maximum continuous power, 6000W is the peak load)

A 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter can operate at peak loads of up to 6000w however the average output power should not exceed 3000w. For this reason a 3000w inverter is suitable for use with loads of 3000w or less.

Waveform: Pure Sine Wave INVERTER

  • Pure Sine Wave inverter
  • The waveform of the output is a sinusoidal waveform, just like the mains power supply. This means that it is clean and noise free; it doesn’t produce any harmonic distortion or spikes, which can damage your equipment.

The waveform is also a sine wave, which means that it has a smooth rise and fall. This makes it very easy on your equipment. The output voltage is controlled by the user, so there is no risk of over-voltage or under-voltage damage.

Output Frequency : 50Hz in UK

In the UK, Europe and most of the world, including North America and Australia, electricity is provided at a frequency of 50Hz. In Japan, they use 60Hz. For this reason we have designed our pure sign wave inverters to output a pure sine wave at 50Hz when connected to mains AC power.

Pure Sine Wave inverterHowever, if you’re using a generator to power your solar panels and the frequency of that generator is not 50Hz then we would recommend using one of our battery-based inverters instead.

Output Voltage: 230VAC in UK (selectable)

The 3000w power inverter output voltage can be set to 230VAC in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand (selectable), Europe and other countries (selectable).

The microprocessor control technology allows the inverter to automatically detect the AC input voltage and adjust its output voltage accordingly. This feature is built-in with high temperature protection so that it will not cause any damage to the equipment when working under high temperature conditions.

This 3000w inverter also comes with built-in cooling fan to keep your equipment cool during operation and prevent overheating which may lead to malfunction of internal components or even fire hazard if not handled appropriately.

DC Input Voltage Range : 10-15VDC

The DC input voltage range is 10-15VDC. This is the input voltage range for the GSM-3000w inverter.

Overload protection is provided by a thermal overload relay, and short circuit protection by fuse and diode.

DC Input Voltage Range : 20-30VDC (selectable)

Voltage Range: 20-30VDC (selectable)

The inverter can accept power from a battery bank, solar panels, or a generator. It can be used in a caravan, boat or camper van. It can also be used on a campsite to run all your electrical appliances such as lights and TV sets. The 3000w inverter is compact in size which makes it portable and easy to carry around wherever you want to go. The output voltage of this inverter is 250VAC at 50Hz with 3kW continuous power rating which will allow you to run most household appliances like televisions sets and microwaves among others in your house or office

Low Battery Alarm and Shutdown Capability

The low battery alarm and shutdown capability.

When the battery voltage is low, the 3000w inverter will alarm and shut down.

The Low Battery Alarm / Shutdown is an audible alarm that sounds at 10Vdc, 21Vdc and 15Vdc (if available) depending on the model. It will also turn off when your batteries are charged up to 14Vdc or higher depending on the selected settings in our inverter.

Overload Protection

Overload protection is provided by a fuse and diode. The fuse will blow when the current exceeds the rated current, while the diode will short circuit the output when an input voltage that’s opposite to the polarity of your battery is applied to it. In either case, overload protection means shutting down your 3000 watt inverter and not damaging electronics or other equipment in its vicinity.

Short Circuit Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Short circuit protection is a safety mechanism that trips the inverter when the load current is higher than the set value. This prevents damage to your unit and helps it to avoid overheating. Reverse Polarity Protection

Reverse polarity protection is important in an inverter to prevent damage when the battery wiring is connected in reverse order. The inverter will automatically stop working when there is a reverse connection of the battery, which can cause serious damage if left unchecked and unprotected.

Reverse Polarity Protection by fuse and Diode

The 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter is protected from reverse polarity by a fuse and diode.

The fuse protects the inverter from excessive current that can damage it. The fuse is rated at 5A 250VAC and will blow if there is more than 10A through it, protecting both the battery and the 3000 WATT inverter from damage as a result of reverse polarity connection.

The diode protects your batteries from being discharged by unintentional load connected to them or when you turn on lights with a car battery in series (i.e., for example, an automotive 12V battery). When no load or low-current load is applied, diodes allow current flow across them only one direction: from positive to negative terminal of battery bank or charger input terminals respectively; diodes block any reverse current flow back into your DC power source’s output cables if they are accidentally connected to its input cables instead of its output cables — as long as there’s enough voltage difference between those two points! That’s why we recommend using a 100A clipper trip circuit breaker (CTC) instead of fuses when connecting multiple batteries together using Anderson Power Pole connectors; this way we can make sure there isn’t enough voltage drop during heavy charging cycles so that all batteries get charged equally well without draining one particular one faster than others due cable resistance losses between batteries’ positive + outputs/negatives – inputs!

GSM-3000 is an advanced Pure Sine Wave inverter

As a 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter, the GSM-3000 has many features that make it an excellent choice for many applications. With its ability to convert DC 12V battery power into 110V AC power, this device can be used in a wide range of situations.

The GSM-3000 is able to produce 300 watts at 120 V or 200 watts at 240 V with very little distortion compared to other inverters. This means that you’ll be able to use even large appliances without having issues with the quality of their output power.

The inverter also has several safety features built in to protect it from damage and prevent any possible harm caused by incorrect use of the product.


The GSM3000 is an advanced pure sine wave inverter with 60% efficiency and a dual AC output. It can be used to provide reliable backup power for domestic and industrial use, as well as for off grid applications.


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