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Pure sine wave inverter at an affordable price

Do you plan to install an inverter in your home to get an uninterrupted power supply throughout the day? Do you want an inverter that can help you with high performance for years to come? You have come to the right place.

Pure sine wave inverter at an affordable price

We got one of the best companies, one of the leading companies in the market, which offers 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter at an affordable price. You do not need to visit the market and find yourself a suitable inverter; they can bring you the best at your door.

Inverter Offer By Companies

The inverter offered by the companies comes in 12V and 24V variants, and you can choose one according to your need. Their 2000 watt inverter protects the battery against High DC ripple, high temperature, high battery voltage, low battery voltage, and overload.

Control Remotely

Plus, it works automatically, but you can also control it remotely. It can be remotely controlled in two ways: an external switch and a Phoenix Inverter Control panel. It only works if the switch on the inverter is set to “on” and only one remote control can be connected at a time.
2000 watt pure sine wave inverterPure Sine Waves

The 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter is suitable for most off-grid systems, be it a bakkie, semi-truck, fifth wheel, sleeping area, or any remote area that requires power. The 2000w pure sine wave inverter converts over DC Power installed on batteries into AC Power, allowing you to control your home appliances.

The construction of a high-quality pure sine wave will let you handle any AC without any risk of damaging even your softest gear. It is a reliable energy source for many applications, including high power loads, with no unusual noise when your gadgets are turned on and considered a smooth operation.

Uniquely Designed

This home 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter is uniquely designed for home use, which can switch over DC 12V / 24V power supply to AC 110V / 220V / 230V. Works on almost all household appliances, such as MP3 / MP4 player, CD / DVD player, XBOX / PS4 game player, standard headlights, bulb, flashlight, desktop PC, i -graphoscopy, fax machines, etc. printers, LCD. TV, electric fans, cell phone chargers, hairdryer, etc. Keep in mind that only a pure sine converter can use soft electrical equipment.

120vac Output

  • 3 AC port and 5V / 2.1A USB port at the bottom.
  • 1 AC Terminal Block
  • The Renogy 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter is suitable for most offline components, whether a van, semi-truck, fifth wheel, sleeping area, or any remote device that requires power. The 2000w pure sine wave inverter switches over DC Power placing batteries in AC Power, allowing you to control your home devices.

12VDC Input

The 2000w 12v pure sine wave inverter is upgraded to 12V DC frames and works with all types of batteries. It is heat-controlled, using high-speed ventilation fans to help keep the converter at low temperatures.

Suitable For Vehicles

In addition, the 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter is also suitable for 12V vehicles. It converts 12V power into 230V auxiliary power – very convenient when working at a distance where maximum capacity can be achieved, especially in restoring a car. Suitable for application applications, consisting of tightly packed metal packages, links to more information and clasps for direct connection with batteries and capable of providing power for up to 12 hours.

Where To Get The Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Deep Cycle System is the best manufacturers in Australia that provides the best quality products, including deep cycle batteries and 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. Get your inverter now just by contacting them.

In the modern world, life is becoming more and more complicated. The constant development of technology has led to the creation of many new devices that help us manage our daily lives. In particular, we are talking about an inverter that allows you to connect any device using an electric outlet. For example, you can use a pure sine wave inverter as a backup power supply during a blackout or charge your phone battery while driving. It provides stable AC power without any flickers or hums so that you can have peace of mind during these events.

If you use modified sine wave inverters as backup power, your battery will drain faster than if you were using sine wave inverters.

They Have Strong Power Capacity

The 2000-watt inverters are the most powerful and reliable product on the market. It’s one of the most common products used in data centres, hospitals, factories and other places. Especially where power consumption is high.

pure sine wave inverterWith this kind of inverter, you can use it to power appliances that are not sensitive to voltage fluctuations, such as TVs, computers, refrigerators and air conditioners. Its efficiency rate is up to 98%, making it more environmentally friendly than many other types of inverters.

It also has an internal battery backup system, so if there’s a blackout, you won’t even notice!

Get Pure Sine Wave Output And Super Low Interference With A Sine Wave Inverter.

The sine wave inverter is the ideal form of power for home use. It has highly stable output, with no fluctuations or sudden drops in voltage that can damage sensitive electronics. Additionally, it provides what is known as “soft switching”. Its components don’t create interference while changing states, which can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other issues.

Essentially, this extremely clean power makes your devices run more smoothly without interruption or interference from outside sources like Wi-Fi routers or fluorescent lights.

Digital LCD, Easy To Use

This inverter can be connected to the batteries and can charge them. The LCD shows the status of the power supply, so it’s very easy to use.

The Pure Sine Inverter Comes With Multiple Protection Functions.

Inverters are connected to the main power supply and convert DC into AC. The multiple protection functions of a pure sine inverter can ensure that your inverters are safe to operate. The overload protection helps to protect your appliances from overloading, which results in damage or fire. Overvoltage protection also protects your appliances from high voltage, which shuts down when the voltage is too high.

In addition, over-temperature protection mechanisms prevent the system from overheating by shutting off the circuit when necessary. Short circuit protection guards against dangerous currents caused by a short-circuit condition inside the equipment or environment where you place it. Such as lightning strikes near residential areas during thunderstorms, while power outages don’t affect this feature. Because if there’s no blackout due to a lightning strike, then there won’t be any short circuits either! Also, reverse polarity protection makes sure that when connecting batteries incorrectly, they won’t destroy anything. So make sure not to forget about this safety feature when doing maintenance work on other appliances like fans, etcetera.

A 2000w Inverter Is Great For Inductive Loads.

If you’re running motors, pumps or transformers, a pure sine wave inverter is the way to go. These appliances require an uninterrupted current supply to operate properly and safely. Otherwise, they can overheat and even start a fire. Modified sine wave inverters may be cheaper than a pure sine wave 2000w inverter, but it’s not worth risking your home or business for that price difference!

Even if you don’t have inductive loads, investing in a true sine wave inverter is wise. If you ever expand your business with any of this equipment down the road (or simply want peace of mind), plugging them into your existing system is all it takes. Rather than replacing everything from scratch at some point down the road (which would probably cost ten times what upgrading now would).

2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter Is Reliable For Sensitive Electronics

A pure sine wave inverter is used in many places. For example, you can use it for charging a car battery, controlling the speed of a pump and for power tools like drills. A 2000w pure sine wave inverter is also great for running sensitive electronic devices such as computers and printers without any problems.

Adjustable Soft Start Feature

One advantage of this inverter is the adjustable soft start feature. Allowing you to set it so that the inverter will operate at a low power level before ramping up to full capacity. This feature helps protect your equipment from damage and prevent surges on the power grid.

You can set this in 3 different ways: by time, temperature, or an external sensor.

Temperature-Controlled Cooling Fan

The fan is used to cool the inverter. When the temperature of your inverter is too high, it will turn on automatically. Once the temperature returns to normal, it will stop working. If you have an emergency and need to restart your vehicle (e.g., if there’s a power outage), then you can use the auto-restart function or press the emergency power button (ESP).

Remote Control Capabilities Of 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Remote control capabilities. You can control the 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter from your mobile phone, remote controller or APP.
  • The inverter has built-in 6, 12 and 24V DC outputs and an automatic transfer switch (ATS) function that allows it to automatically connect to a generator without damaging the equipment connected to AC power.

Applications Of A Sine Wave 2000 Watt Inverter

The flexibility of these inverters makes them ideal for powering lights in an RV. Even a boat where you want to use multiple different kinds of bulbs simultaneously. So that you could have a combination of fluorescent tubes and LEDs in the same fixture without having any issues with compatibility. In this way, you can use a 2000 watt inverter to illuminate large areas like warehouses and factories without having any problems overheating or failing prematurely due to overuse or misuse.

Motor-Driven Equipment Uses This Inverter.

  • Motor-driven equipment includes any equipment driven by an electric motor, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and vending machines.
  • When it comes to motors, you can’t use a traditional inverter because motors are powered by electricity. So they need this inverter’s pure sine wave output to work properly.

Household Appliances

You can also use 2000w inverters to power household appliances that require AC power. If you want to use your refrigerator, freezer or camera in an off-grid scenario, this inverter will be more than enough for all these purposes.

Laptops and tablets require some special equipment to operate at their full capacity on battery power alone. But with the right adapter and/or converter, it’s possible to get them working perfectly well on nothing but solar energy.


I hope this article helped you understand its advantages and uses more clearly. If you have any questions about our products or need help choosing one for your application, please get in touch with Deep Cycle Systems. We’re happy to help!

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