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Dual Battery System Lithium

A lithium dual battery system is an upgrade to your existing vehicle battery. It’s designed for vehicles with a petrol or diesel engine that run between 80,000 and 100,000km per year. Lithium batteries are the future of car batteries, and offer significant benefits over other types of batteries. They have a longer lifespan. Than traditional lead-acid batteries and don’t lose charge when not in use like conventional deep cycle batteries can do over time. This means that you won’t have any problems starting your car on cold mornings because your battery will always be ready to go!

Lithium Dual Battery System provide the following benefits for your vehicle.

Lithium Dual Battery System provide the following benefits for your vehicle.

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved engine performance
  • Increased battery life span
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Lower self-discharge rate (which means you can store them longer without charging)

Lithium Dual Battery SystemsImproved fuel economy

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Improved engine performance

If you want to know more about the benefits of Lithium Ion Dual Battery System, then read on.

Improved engine performance: The 150AH Dual Battery will provide better power and torque for your vehicle. This means that you can accelerate faster and drive with more confidence when passing other cars or accelerating at a traffic light. The improved acceleration will also help save money on gas because your engine does not use as much fuel as it did before installing a lithium dual battery system.

  • Improved engine response: The Lithium Ion Dual Battery System technology allows the car’s electric motor to respond immediately when you push down on the accelerator pedal. In addition, this means that there is no delay between pressing down on the accelerator and feeling it react in your hands or legs while driving, which can be dangerous if trying to pass another car quickly through an intersection safely without having any delay between accelerating and getting up speed quickly enough. So nobody crashes into them.
  • Improved acceleration: When installed correctly, these systems reduce wear-and-tear on engines by improving response time while also increasing horsepower output (when needed). These features combine into one result: faster acceleration times. Than would otherwise exist without using these kinds of technologies!

Increased battery life span

The second advantage that lithium batteries have over lead acid batteries is their increased battery life span. Lithium Ion Dual Battery System can last up to 10x longer. Than lead acid batteries, making them much more cost-effective in the long run.

Lead acid batteries are also known to be more toxic. Than lithium cells,. So if you want to keep your home safe and environmentally friendly, then a Lithium Dual Battery System is the right choice.

When it comes to durability, both types of batteries have their advantages and disadvantages. While lead acid Lithium Dual Battery Kit known for having better resistance against cold temperatures and vibration (which makes sense because they’re heavier), lithium cells have better heat resistance capabilities as well as superior electrical conductivity levels when compared with other types of rechargeable batteries.

Increased storage capacity

One of the most important benefits of Dual Battery System Lithium technology is that they store more energy. Than lead-acid batteries, which means they can keep your load powered for longer periods. Lithium batteries have a higher energy density. Than lead-acid batteries and this means that you can use them to store more power, in less space. Lithium batteries are also lighter. Than traditional lead-acid batteries, meaning they’ll be easier to move around and install. Lastly, lithium batteries have been shown to last longer. Than their similarly sized counterparts: up to 20 years longer!

Lower self-discharge rate

Dual Battery System Lithium have a self-discharge rate of less. Than 3% per month. Alkaline batteries, on the other hand, have a self-discharge rate of 10-20% per month. This means that if you leave your alkaline battery unattended for a few months it will be completely dead!

Dual Battery System Lithium also have longer shelf life. Than alkaline batteries. They can be stored for up to 15 years and still hold most of their initial charge when they’re removed from storage.

Extended cranking power

You can get up to 50% more power out of Lithium Dual Battery Setup compared to lead acid batteries.

Lithium Dual Battery Setup more eco-friendly. Than conventional lead acid batteries.

They weigh less,. So they’re easier to carry and store. They also have a longer life and don’t require much maintenance at all!

No more charging problems when starting the car on cold mornings

With traditional lead acid batteries, you would have to plug in your car overnight or wait until the morning before driving. This is because lead batteries need to be warmed up slowly and carefully before they can take a charge.

With lithium dual battery system, there are no more charging problems when starting the car on cold mornings. Lithium batteries don’t suffer from this limitation of needing time to warm up before taking a full charge. They can be charged at any temperature and at any time, regardless of whether you’re at home or away from home (including while traveling). The same goes for charging speed: there is no “best” rate for lithium batteries; instead, it’s best just to keep them plugged in all day long as long as possible!

Our product Lithium Dual Battery Setup are built to outperform any other brand in Australia. Providing better safety, greater range, higher capacity, longer life and improved reliability.

DCS Australia is the market leader in innovative and quality lithium dual battery system for 4WDs, caravans and boats. Our products are built to outperform any other brand in Australia, providing better safety, greater range, higher capacity, longer life and improved reliability.

Our unique selection of high-power lithium dual battery system provides your vehicle or boat with the ultimate combination of power performance and durability. For example; our new PowerPlus® 1200 Amp Hour Marine Battery provides more. Than twice as much storage capacity compared to conventional marine batteries while still weighing less. Than half as much. This means huge savings on fuel consumption too! We can also offer custom solutions by designing a customized solution specifically for your needs. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today for further information about our fantastic range of products and services!


When you’re looking for a high-quality lithium dual battery system, you have many choices. DCS Australia offers superior performance and reliability at an affordable price. We have business since 2001 and our products are built with the latest technology to outperform any other brand in the market place today. Our products are backed by an unmatched 5-year warranty that ensures your investment will last longer. Than anything else out there!


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