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What Is A Stress Test Echocardiogram Sydney? And Know About The Results

What is Stress Test Echocardiogram?

Stress echocardiography, also known as stress test echocardiogram Sydney, determines how well your heart and blood vessels work. During stress echocardiography, you will run on a treadmill or standing bike. At the same time, your doctor monitors your blood pressure and heart rate. When your heart rate reaches a peak value, your doctor will take ultrasound pictures of your heart. This will determine if your heart muscle gets enough blood and oxygen during exercise.

Your doctor may prescribe a stress echocardiogram test if you have chest pains. They might think it is caused by coronary artery disease or myocardial infarction, a form of a heart attack. This test also gives information about how much exercise you can safely tolerate when you are in a state of cardiac rehabilitation. Tests can tell your doctor how effective treatments like bypass grafting and other heart medications are.

What Happens During Stress Echocardiogram Test?

  • Relaxation Echocardiography

Your physician needs to see how your heart works while resting to get an accurate idea of ​​how it works. Your doctor starts by placing ten small electrodes on your chest. Electrodes connect to an electrocardiograph (ECG). An ECG usually measures the activity of your heart, especially the rate and frequency of your heartbeat. You may have your blood pressure checked during the test.

You will be asked to lie on your side, and your doctor will perform a relaxing echocardiogram, or ultrasound, of your heart. He applies a special gel to your skin and uses a transducer device. This machine emits sound waves to create images of your heart rate and internal structures.

  • Depression Test

After a relaxing echocardiogram, your doctor will ask to exercise on a treadmill or standing bike. Depending on your condition, your doctor may require increasing your intensity of exercise. You may need to exercise for 6 to 10 minutes, or even feel tired, to raise your heart rate as much as possible. Tell your doctor immediately if you feel dizzy or weak or have chest pain in your left side.

  • Stress Test Echocardiogram best cardiologists in Sydney

As soon as your physician asks you not to exercise more, they do another ultrasound. This takes a lot of pictures of your heart working under pressure. You will have time to cool down. You can move slowly so that your heart rate returns to normal. Your doctor monitors your heart rate, ECG, and blood pressure until the levels return normal.

What Do The Test Results Mean?

The stress test echocardiogram Sydney is very reliable. Your physician will give you the reports of your test. If the results are normal, your heart will be working properly, and your arteries may be blocked due to coronary heart disease. Unusual test results may mean that your heart is not pumping blood properly because of a blockage in your arteries. Another reason could be that heart disease can damage your heart.

Diagnosing coronary artery disease and assessing your risk of a heart attack can help prevent future complications. These tests can also help determine if your current cardiovascular system is working for you.

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